3D Printing News Unpeeled: VulcanForms, HoPro3D and Fortius

Wire DED microstructure metal wire developer Fortius Metals has received an investment of $2 million by AM Ventures. The company is a spin out of Elementum and makes wires that lead to better mechanical properties in Wire DED parts. Whereas the DED market is exploding in the number of OEMs and there is expanding interest, especially in oil and gas there have been very few companies that have worked on making better wire. Stock wire has been used and only Voestalpine has made specialized wire. If it holds true that better properties can result then Fortius´ market entry seems very timely.

Fraunhofer ILT has developed HoPro3D right in time for the Holidays. Together with LightFab, Bartels Mikrotechnik, and Miltenyi Biotec the team have been working on the scrolling DED and MPP combined technologies to produce parts for microfluidics.

VulcanForms has raised $335 million but has been very quiet. Now the company discloses that it is close to completing two manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. One will be a precision facility but the other is to be one of the highest throughput metal 3D Printing facilities worldwide. VulcanForms is building integrated manufacturing and post processing faculties to commercialize its array based 3D printing technique.