3DPOD Episode 133: Space 3D Printing with Paul Gradl, NASA Principal Engineer

In this week’s episode of the 3DPOD, we have Paul Gradl, a principal engineer in the Combustion Devices Design and Development Branch at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. This is an episode that we’ve been looking forward to for months. We wanted to have Paul on because he wrote and cowrote a couple of papers which we love, including “Metal additive manufacturing in aerospace: A review.” It’s simply fantastic, providing a great overview of what is going on in metal 3D printing in the aerospace sector. Another favorite is “Robust Metal Additive Manufacturing Process Selection and Development for Aerospace Components.” Both are available to view for free. Do yourself a favor and read the papers! Recently, Paul also cowrote the book Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications, which I’m very much looking forward to reading. This was an amazing podcast with a great deal of discussion about 3D printing in space, process selection, materials like GRCop-42, and more. You’re going to love this.